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What do we do?


We design reliable floating platforms and docks tailored to the customers needs.


We build our floating docks and platforms out of the best possible materials and by using the most lasting pontons available on the market.


We rent our platforms to serve all market segments: events, engineering or even for shipyard purposes.

About us

Our company is a Polish market leader in the design and manufacturing of floating docks.

We have a wide variety of customers. Our recipients are private persons, who are mostly interested in acquiring leisure docks, we also supply business customers and local government units with more complex projects such as complete marinas. Our products can be noticed both on the Polish and european market.

Experience gained through the years allows us to implement even the most complicated projects, not only innovative but also extremaly reliable. Our customers are important to us! By listening to them we will build a dock customized to any shape and size to ensure they are getting the dock of their dreams.

Having the right production facilities and necessary machines makes the production easy. Cooperating with the best possible galvanizing plants in Poland enables us to deliver highest quality coatings.

Should you be interested in cooperation feel free to contact us!


+48 733 633 173

Floating docks

Our floating docks

Our floating docks on artificial pontons. Light floating docks on artificial pontons (polyethylene PEHD 100).

Thanks to their shallow displacement they can be used even on the most shallow waters. Our basic ponton used for the production of floating docks is a ponton of 400mm diameters. We can also offer pontons with larger diameters such as 500mm, 630mm and 800mm.

Their modular structure makes our docks easy to transport and install. You can also extend and modify them easily. All of our models have a very high displacement as well as reliable construction.

Structural elements are made of hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminum – on demand.

The decking of our floats will be made out of the best quality materials: exotic wood, composite, siberian larch, european larch or in case of technical platforms – using GFK board or WEMA grating.

We offer additional equipment to our floats such as: gangways, protective barriers, platform ladders, mooring cleats, fenders, half decks (for easy exit from rowing boats or kayaks), decorative lighting.

Our floating docks can be used as:

  • Leisure docks
  • Mooring docks
  • Rowing docks
  • Pool docks
  • Angler docks

Floating platforms

Our floating platforms

Floating platforms on artificial pontons.

Floating platforms can be used in many ways, just to mention a few: for mooring all kinds of boats, as platforms for anglers, or divers, a resting place for kayakers or for SUP trainings. ou can use it as elements of water parks or other leisure purposes: a mobile sauna, floating restaurant or viewing terrace. A very interesting idea for using of our floating platform was building a breeding place and artificial island as nesting grounds for waterfowl.

Thanks to different shapes and sizes the possibilities of using our platfroms are practically endless.

Docks with easily opened floating platform

Docks with easily opened floating platform

Our main product is a dock with easy opended floating platform. Thanks to our practical disconnection system you will be able to detach the floating platform from the stationary module within seconds. This way you can enjoy a drift on you waterbody.

A detached platform (raft)can find many uses, far more than a regular boat. It can be used as an ideal resting place for the whole family or a fishing adventure with friends. It might be a great space for sports such as diving, paddling or even a resting place for amamteur swimmers. A whole range of additional accessories will make your free time unforgettable.

Just to mention the most popular: motor, seat (a perfect storage for batteries, life vests and other practilal tools), anti-theft system, mooring anchor, cleats, platform ladder.



Renovation, preservation and maintenance of boats, ships


Car premieres, different kind of shows: laser and pyrotechnic as well as art shows, on the water concerts, disco platforms and dancefloors, on the water restaurants, floating swimminigpools


Floating leisure and sport pools, platforms for scuba diving, kayaks and paddling and many other water sport activities


Construction and maintenace of bridges, bottom deepening, cutting of reed

The addaptive possibilities of our products are endless. Our floats can serve a wide range of industries.


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Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie



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Trust in professionalism and experience. We deliver innovative floating docks and platforms that meet the highest quality standards. Contact us today, and together we will create a unique solution tailored to your needs!


+48 733 633 173


Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie